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Disciplinary Procedure

Referees at all approved IRFU tag rugby events may use yellow and red cards at their discretion for offences such as, but not limited to:

  • deliberately initiating contact with an opponent
  • cynical/deliberate infringements
  • dissent to a referee
  • Verbal or physical abuse of an opponent or referee

When issuing a formal caution the referee must show that player a yellow card. If that player then commits another cautionable offence he/she must be shown a second yellow card and then the red card.

If a player commits an offence that, in the referee’s opinions, merits a sending off, that player must be shown a red card.

When a referee issues a red card the following procedure must be followed:

  • The referee reports the incident to the venue manager and/or the referee co-ordinator as soon as is practically possible after the game. This must be done prior to the referee leaving the venue
  • The referee must complete the official Sending-Off Report form and send it to the Leisure Rugby Referee Officer by the end of the next working day. This form is available to download in Microsoft Word 2003 format (HERE) and PDF format (HERE)
  • If the IRFU deem the reported offence merits a suspension from playing in IRFU Tag competitions, an officer of the Leisure Rugby Department will then contact the relevant team captain, and inform them of the duration of any suspension handed down
  • The team in question will have the right to appeal the decision if it is felt the sanction is too severe. The sanction may be reduced or increased on appeal.10